AI-Vision Innovator Bundle
The app package for AI deployment

Create their own AI applications, in one day

For early adopters & innovators, the AI-Vision Architect Bundle offers the perfect opportunity to discover the benefits and unleash the full potential of AI.

Simplified access to object recognition enables to discover promising applications and directly verify their feasibility.

AI-Vision Insight
Your insight into the world of AI vision

Your big leap in innovation using AI object recognition - Find out how.

Our team supports you in developing individual use cases for your company and finding customized solutions. Take advantage of AI to position your company for the future.

The variance of using object recognition is almost infinite. Make the use of AI tangible for you.

Startschuss KI
The seminar for AI in production

Future-proofing means recognizing the benefits of AI

This seminar teaches the functionality of AI technologies and their application in various industries in a fun and practical way.

Your employees will have a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of AI, gain hands-on experience, and understand real-world applications.

In Zusammenarbeit von Kimoknow mit dem Fraunhofer IAO

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