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Kimoknow Vision platform

Allows computers to see and recognize using AI

Due to exponentially growing amounts of data, affordable and powerful computing capabilities, and significant advancements in artificial intelligence algorithms, object recognition is now economically viable. 

The Kimoknow Vision platform enables you to quickly and easily get started with object recognition implementation. With scalable AI training, integration tools, or directly deployable applications, we provide you with everything you need to truly benefit from artificial intelligence.

AI object detection

Core elements of the platform


Scalable training 

High automation of training ensures fast turnaround times and the processing of very large amounts of data. For this purpose, we prefer to work with synthetic data such as CAD data.

computing resources

Whether it's mainframe, cloud or edge solutions, we offer you the optimal computing resources for your application. You don't have to worry about the optimized distribution and scaling of the necessary computing resources or the acquisition of expensive hardware. 

Fast training

Train quickly with your smartphone or tablet to recognize objects, either by adding new ones or updating existing ones. The creation of recognition takes less than 1 minute.


Benefit from parts and products that are already recognizable. Switch recognition catalogs and use them in your applications. 


Whether classification, detection or segmentation, you will receive from us tailor-made the right algorithms for your application.

Development KITs

Through SDKs or APIs, you can quickly implement object recognition into your infrastructure. Add to your existing applications or build new ones. You don't have to worry about the recognition part.

Recognition and training services

From training the recognition to running it on your device, we provide you with services that you can use directly. You do not need any infrastructure or computing resources to scale your object recognition deployment. 


Use ready-to-use templates or code building blocks to develop your own applications faster and easier. This means you need fewer development resources to build applications with object recognition. 

Spread your own apps

Have you developed a great application and believe that it should be available to others. Then distribute it via the Kimoknow AppStore and benefit from the growing number of users. 

ready-to-use applications

"There is an app for that!"
For many problems the right app already exists. Benefit from already implemented solutions and get the right app for your application. 

Kimoknow applications

Use Kimoknow's apps. These are optimally integrated into our infrastructure and benefit from all components of our ecosystem. 

3rd Party Apps

Many creative companies are building great apps. The variety of possibilities to develop apps with object recognition are almost endless. We want to be able to offer you as many applications as possible. You can use the best apps directly from the Kimoknow AppStore. 


Do you want to integrate object recognition or training into existing systems. You can get plug-ins to connect your PDM system, your ERP system or your design software to the Kimoknow Vision Platform via the Kimoknow AppStore. 

For all devices

Whether AR glasses, smartphone, tablet, industrial camera or toaster, we have the right applications available for the various devices.

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CAD to AI Pipeline
Individual & scalable AI-recognition

Noch heute KI-Erkennung trainieren.

1. Upload CAD data

2. Train individual AI

3. Deploy in applications

You get access to the Kimoknow Vision platform. You have access to the training and development area as well as one demo application. You do not need any computing resources or special AI knowledge.  

Your AI-recognition can be used directly within the platform. 

AI-Vision Innovator Bundle
The app package for AI deployment

Create their own AI applications, in one day

For early adopters & innovators, the AI-Vision Architect Bundle offers the perfect opportunity to discover the benefits and unleash the full potential of AI.

Simplified access to object recognition enables to discover promising applications and directly verify their feasibility.

Das Seminar für KI in der Produktion
mit dem Fraunhofer IAO

Future-proofing means recognizing the benefits of AI

This seminar teaches the functionality of AI technologies and their application in various industries in a fun and practical way.

Your employees will have a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of AI, gain hands-on experience, and understand real-world applications.

In cooperation of Kimoknow and Fraunhofer IAO

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