Startschuss KI
The seminar for AI in production

Future-proofing means recognizing the benefits of AI

This seminar teaches the functionality of AI technologies and their application in various industries in a fun and practical way.

Your employees will have a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of AI, gain hands-on experience, and understand real-world applications.

In cooperation of Kimoknow and Fraunhofer IAO

Core elements

touchscreen by Culmbio

Hands-on & playful

Learning the basics of AI in a fun way through interaction.
idea-exchange by Freepik

Support by experts

Led by experts from the Fraunhofer Institute IAO.
Lernprozess By Freepik

Sharp learning curve

From basics to practical implementation of a use case - learn and implement everything in one day.

networking by Becris

A topic for everyone

Working together to increase understanding of artificial intelligence.

Your Benefits

Get started immediately

Faster introduction of new AI solutions through existing AI competencies inside the company.

Creativity boost

Increased innovation potential among domain experts on the store floor.

Foundation for AI projects

Increased acceptance when implementing AI in your organization.

Improved communication

Promote the exchange of ideas on topics that are elemental to the future and set new milestones together.

More information

Feel free to contact us with any questions or additional content.

You can find more content on the Fraunhofer IAO website.

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